We needed to travel to Nicaragua for 72 hours to renew our Visas in Costa Rica so we decided to check out the town of Granada. Got to ride some bikes and had the opportunity to get touched by 4 beggars in one day.  A new personal record:


They all laughed at me when I said I wanted to go to the hummingbird sanctuary. Turns out it was a good time for everyone. It was free and came equipped with a cafe so for the first time ever, Foley was happy.

Some may view Canada as an unlikely destination during the summer months of the year but Canada has a lot to offer once the weather warms up.

A wealth of options is laid out in front of the avid outdoorsman. Any traveler with a fishing pole would be hard pressed to not find success in one of Canada’s innumerable lakes and streams. Kayaking in the Great Lakes or along either of the neighboring oceans is ideal. Canoeing through the boundary waters from lake to lake is also another option. Camping in one of the many coniferous forests is a great way to relax and get away from your desk for a week.

Canada boasts large metropolitan areas as well. They may not be in first place right now but the Toronto Blue Jays are putting together a respectable season thus far. Stop by Toronto to catch a game this summer. You can also brush up on your French by taking a quick trip to Montreal. Eat some delicious crepes in the province of Quebec. Get cheap flights to Montreal and enjoy yourself.

The summer is right on the horizon for those of us on the northern hemisphere. The advent of June brings with it something extra for others like me; the fisherman.  The first two weeks of June usually coincides with the spawn of the smallmouth bass. During this time the bass will become extremely territorial of their spawning bed and attack most anything that crosses their path. Many a fisherman has come away from their catch slightly disappointed only for the fact that they were expecting a larger fish. Smallmouth bass are notorious for their fighting ability once hooked. They dive down continually until worn thin, only to reveal themselves as a phony. You’ll think you have a lake record on about every hook set. At least the fish will fight like one.

If you’re looking for a spectacular place to beat the shores for these powder kegs, Canada has the best fishing I know of for smallmouth. Clear waters, large boulders and healthy fish abound in Canada. If you catch the spawn at the right time it will be impossible to be let down.  Go here to find cheap flights to Toronto.

Aly’s mom came to visit us in Costa Rica and she took us on a little trip to the hippie haven of Puerto Viejo. It’s a great beach with one of the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy (not just the best in Costa Rica). They owner is Tuscan and basically told us what we wanted to eat. But that was probably more a product of our indecisiveness than anything else.  EVERYTHING SOUNDED SO GOOD!!!1!1!!1!

Anyways, we ran into a few more toucans (their bills are colored differently than the other) and just couldn’t seem to get away from all the howler monkeys. Waves were big, food was good and the beer cold.

We also took a tour of a coffee plantation that was informative and delicious.

If there are more than one Hannaman, is it Hannamen?

Some mysteries we’ll never know, but we do know that we had a good time. Surprisingly enough to all involved we actually survived driving around ourselves in a Latin American country. And although we had to ask for directions quite a few times it was usually just to double check that we were going in the right direction. Road signs are at a premium in the Spanish speaking countries. And so is smooth concrete.

In the end we saw some cool birds, survived an erupting volcano, swam with a pool of Spanish-speaking trout and had our car peed and pooped on by some howler monkeys that don’t seem to take kindly to tourists. And no stingray incidents.